Can I follow-up my order ?


Q. How can I follow my order?
R. Your tracking number will be sent to you when your order will be dispatched.

Sizes ?


Q. If the size is not good, is it possible to change size or model? 

R. Yes, you can exchange. In order to avoid the superfluous returns, consult our Size guide to choose your perfect size.
For more informations read our Livraison & Shipping page.



Q. Is my order refundable?

R. We accept returns for exchanges of size or refundings.
For more information, consult our page Livraison & Shipping.

Sold-Out ?


Q. One model is sold-out?

R. Every suggested models are in limited edition, but sometimes a new stock can be carried out on certain models.

Mix Sizes ?


Q. Is it possible to mix sizes ?

R.Yes! Follow our page MIX, where you can mix your Top & Bottom sizes.

Shipping ?


Q. Do you deliver at my address?
R. We offer a worldwide delivery  for more informations follow our page Livraison & Shipping.


Q. Delivery times ?

R. We ship by the national post service La Poste, you can follow our page for more informations Livraison & Shipping for more informations.

Credit card payment?


Q. Is the payment safe?

R. Pay online with Paypal: it is secure, practical and free.You can pay directly with your credit card,without needing to create a Paypal account.

By choosing this method of payment you are automatically redirected on PAYPAL n°1 of online payment's solutions in the world. Your regulation will be dealt according to process SSL(Secure Sockets To Layer).For more informations, visit Paypal.



Q. I want to pay by credit card but don't I have Paypal account?
R. You can pay directly with your credit card without having to create a Paypal account. For more informations follow our page Payment.


Others questions ?


If you have any others questions, please contacts us:

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